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📢 #WeAreHiring

👩‍💻 You handle #IT systems and networks, as easily as you manage IT professionals?

👀 Check out this FGIV mid-senior engineer position @CERTEU and join #teamDIGIT.

📩 Apply by 26 August at noon 👉!YfCJ8G

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Okay, step 1, tags: #nheko #matrix

Step 2:

NEW NHEKO OUT THE DOOR, GRAB IT WHILE IT IS HOT! No, wait, don't, you would burn yourself! But try it out once the release has cooled off a bit and tell me if you like it!

It includes moderation improvements, better notifications, faster startup, encryption improvements and way to integrate with KRunner, rofi and much more! Also lots of bugfixes and other features!


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[Sondage sérieux]

Salut les mastonautes,

C’est l’été, le moment de réfléchir un peu. À Mediapart, on aimerait en profiter pour repenser notre fil de pouets… et on a besoin de vous !

On n’a pas oublié ce sondage d’octobre dernier, où on questionnait la densité de notre flux ( ). Et on s’interroge…

Si vous avez une petite minute devant vous, déroulez, on vous explique (et on vous sonde) 👇‍


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I did a game for the #GMTKJam. It's very incomplete and janky, but still better than what I did last year so...

Go try it out if you want!

#gamedev #gmtkjam2022 #Godot

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A friend of mine just released Emovi, a Wordle-like game where you have to guess a movie with emojis — yes, I couldn't dislike this game 😍

Can you guess today's prompt? I did, and on the first try 😎

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Anyway no big deal but here's a demonstration of Mozilla's serverless. client-side-only live text translation technology.

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We welcome developers of all skill levels, whether you're new and want to make your first game or a veteran who's been grinding at a long-term project, to join O2A2! Make a 1k-long VN using 1 sprite, 1 BG, 1 song, etc. Low pressure, anti-crunch, non-competitive, what's not to love?
This year's illustration was drawn by Agui-Chart with logo work by MysteryCorgi, and both pieces are licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0. Check the page for their link and more details about this Jam!

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📺 C'est maintenant ! Rendez-vous en direct de la rédaction avec Usul et OstPolitik : ils reviennent sur les coulisses d'Ouvrez Les Guillemets et cette année consacrée à la présidentielle et aux législatives.

Posez vos questions en direct, c'est par ici 👉

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If you're upset about Minecraft being able to ban your account when playing in a server, you might want to give @Minetest !

You can make almost a 100% clone of Minecraft, plus add more mods easily from the game itself.

For starters:

#minetest #minecraft
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Putting the finishing touches on a short, web-playable Redlander demo. Super excited to finally share it soon!

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Pour la seconde fois de son histoire, et à moins de 6 mois d’intervalle, l'EFS publie un nouveau bulletin d’urgence vitale.
Prenez vite rendez-vous pour donner votre sang :

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Je déménage en France, en #Alsace, près de #Strasbourg, et cherche un taf qui idéalement toucherait à ces spécialisations et intérêts :

- sciences ouvertes
- #science des données
- recherche en lien avec durabilité (environnement, urbanisme durable, #écologie, recyclage, agriculture…)
- logiciel de recherche libre
- support de #recherche
- en #bibliothèque
- les #communs et la culture #libre

Des pistes seraient immensément appréciées. À distance c’est cool. Boosts siouplé ! 💚

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I am done asking this randomly, you are now obligated to interact with this post.

You now have to reply with your biggest recommendations of games currently on sale on Steam. Even if you think that's a recommendation everyone will suggest, post it :nkoGun:

You can only post a game if it fits one of these two criteria:
- The game has a 50% or more sale on Steam
- The game has a 10% or more sale on Steam AND is under 15 euros/dollars

If it fits one of these criteria, post it, and boost this post, or..
are you afraid? Are you afraid that people will find this thread and find your recommendations? :aismug:

"B-but if I already bought these games, it takes a lot of time to check if they have deals or not" BIG DEAL, just open a tab with Steam on your browser, look up the games you finished and liked and write them down if they're worthy of being in this thread (and yes, recommending games you've actually played is preferable). You could use an external tool for that but who wants to link their steam account to some random services just for that :char_nachoneko_baa:

I'll reply to this post with my owns too yes
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Allo Masto, j'ai un pote qui a un billet #Hellfest pour jeudi mais qui ne peut y aller à cause de clients indécents, des gens intéressés à tout hasard? Boosts appréciés pour aider le gazier merci!

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Bonjouir, Masto 🤗

Aujourd'hui, c'est le 66e jour de la Commune du Résistan. As-tu pensé à t'inscrire sur pour prendre procuration et voter NUPES pour une personne qui ne pourrait pas dans ton coin ?

Moi, oui, et dimanche, j'irai voter au nom de Jade :blobheart:

Ray traced lighting, object motion blur, widescreen, DLSS and 60+ FPS for N64 emulators, it looks so pretty :cirnocomfy:

Just added some simple lightning to my game, as a test.

It's looking kinda cool :blobcatcomfy:

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