The results of the VimJam2 are here ! ( since two days, I'm late :sweatduck: )

Pinmik Panik !, is ranked #63 out of 411 submissions

I'm pretty proud since it is my first ever game jam :blobcatgoogly:

Also, go play the other submissions, there's some really good games :kirby_happy:

Food - vegetarian 

Just ate at an ethiopian restaurant in Strasbourg ( called abyssinia )

It was really delicious, but quite spicy so it's not for everybody

Just finished my entry for the , an arcade game called "Pinmik Panik !"

You can download it on

> "Nous respectons votre choix"

Mon choix se sent effectivement très respecté avec la moitié de l'écran cachée :blobcat_thisisfine:


Je viens de passer dans le top 100 français sur Quaver

Je crois que je passe trop de temps sur ce jeu :Madeline_laugh:

Mastodon Glitch Edition

Une instance personnelle ♡