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Just finished my entry for the , an arcade game called "Pinmik Panik !"

You can download it on

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"Berated", my submission for the FediJam V is up. The theme is "self-reference", so the game is a game about itself.

As usual, the game uses the excellent Godot engine, and the source code is available here:

#gamedev #fedijam #gamejam

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@dansup what big projects can do to foster smaller ones is sticking as close as possible to the ActivityPub spec. If not in the activities they produce, at least in the ones they receive.

The biggest problem I see at the moment is that every project is trying to implement the mistakes Mastodon made.

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Only 10 #activityPub projects have more than 10k users.

Most new projects struggle with getting attention and visibility.

I think bigger projects should play a more pro-active role in acknowledging, and if possible, mentoring new/smaller projects.

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- You will be able to disable this on your profile

- Country/Location is based on a new optional setting and we do not use any personal information to set this, you must set it yourself

- Group membership intersection is ranked by role and recent activity

- Mutual topics are based on commonly used hashtags but will be expanded in the near future

- Also used in group profiles

It's quite a complex feature, feedback is appreciated!

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#fedijam #fediverse #gamedev #indiedev @humanetech
We now start FediJam V: of Ruined Plans And General Apocalypse ^_^

It was proposed by @TheAndSys and won with 7 votes.

One can join up until submissions close at Sunday Dec 5 23:59 UTC.

Plans go haywire regularly - do not be afraid of making something in 1 or 3 days or to respin the project with a new idea.

Also, joining a team frees one from Itch.

Jam page:

Just uploaded my entry for the Seajam :blobcatcomfy:

A small platformer titled 'Overflown', you can download it on Itch :blobcatreach:

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Ami mastonaute bonjour. :mastodon:
Aujourd'hui j'ai 39 ans. Si tu veux me faire un p'tit cadeau 🎁 peut-être connais-tu une opportunité d'emploi de dev C (pas C++) et/ou Shell ? Qui ne demande ni Bac+8 ni 10 ans d'expérience ?
J'suis « confirmé » en scripts shell.
Je connais bien le C mais j'ai peu d'expérience avec. Je connais pas tous les protocoles bas-niveau, ni un framework en particulier, mais tu sais quoi ? J'aime apprendre !
Merci de m'avoir lu :-)
#JeChercheUnJob #OnSaitJamais

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📢 We are hiring and expanding our tech team! Apply today and join our team as a Full Stack Developer (Ruby/Python)

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Hey les mastopotes, je vais suivre une demande de ma sister. J'espère que certain d'entre vous pourront répondre:

Bonjour !

Je mène actuellement une étude sur les travailleurs freelance spécialisés IT et la manière dont ils ou elles trouvent des missions, notamment via les plateformes de mission existantes. L'objectif : mieux connaître leurs habitudes, leurs besoins et leurs frustrations.

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Keep the Fediverse connected!

Keep yourself curious!

A proposal: on some content you like, you see a hashtag you are not used to follow. Follow that hashtag and find X persons using it. Follow them.

Worst thing happens: you may unfollow them someday... The Fediverse is only as strong as we are inter-connected! <3

#fediverse #followstrategies

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The #Minetest Community is holding a 3-week Game Jam starting December 1st! Sharpen your gamedev skills with a chance for a cash prize! Read more details at

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Bouteille à la mer #vegan #végé : Je cherche un·e médecin qui :
- ferait une consultation en visio
- serait pas relou p/r à une alimentation végétarienne

L'idée c'est d'avoir qqun qui me prescrive juste une prise de sang toute bête pour vérifier ou j'en suis. Mais par chez moi c'est un peu le vide coté médecin + j'aimerai parler à quelqu'un qui soit pas méga relou sur le sujet.

Du coup si vous avez des pistes 👼 :boost_requested:

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@humanetech #fediverse #foss #gamedev #indiedev
Anyone wants to try and federate Game Jolt #game store (MIT) so that fedi gamedevs feel at home?

The closest things technically would be Misskey and Peertube.

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