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Just uploaded my entry for the Seajam :blobcatcomfy:

A small platformer titled 'Overflown', you can download it on Itch :blobcatreach:

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race/racism question 

@kiki Where Crenshaw's idea is pointing, and I think you're on the right track, is to moving away from fixating on fixed identity (I'm no racist!) to behaviors ('Did I just say something wrong?').

When we view this phenomenon as existing in the realm of behaviors as opposed to personality, we're no longer stuck with a concrete nature. We can acknowledge 'good' people also have problems with this and can also learn, grow, and do better.

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I just made a game for the #PacifistJam!

Together with Marek (composer and sound designer), we've created mirror.Neon, a first-person parkour platformer.

#gamedev #gamejam #indiedev #madewithGodot

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Hypnagonia is a surrealistic deckbuilding card game, with psychological themes. You take the role of a dreamer who's been trapped in recurring dreams and trying to have a mental breakthrough to escape.

Play it now @

Proudly #gpl and #madewithgodot by an #solodev #indiedev

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I'm contemplating dropping my domain name in favor of an OpenNIC one. I *loathe* rent-seekers; paid DNS is just redistribution of wealth towards those who need it least. Just because I *can* afford to doesn't mean I should.

Thinking of renewing my domain name for a year, mirroring with an OpenNIC name, adding a notice to the site, and dropping in a year.

I know OpenNIC is relatively obscure even in foss spaces, so I'd really appreciate feedback on this one...

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"The Grug Brained Developer"

So good, I read it twice. After years of software development, I have to fight my own "big brain" urges to make code more abstract/complex than it needs to be.

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GBA Jam 2022 begins soon! It lasts for 3 months, and is the perfect opportunity to make something cool that runs on the Game Boy Advance. :blobcatNomCookie:

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:minecraft: Important EpicCraft News

We’ve just recieved news from our server hosting provider that due to rising energy and hardware costs, they’re going to be shutting down shortly. As you can imagine, this impacts EpicCraft fully as we rely on that hardware to keep our servers running smoothly.

We’ve already got a meeting scheduled amongst the EpicCraft and Land of Kittens admins to plan a migration to another server host but due to the short notice we’ve been given, we may have to take the servers offline for an extended period of time as we find a new home for EpicCraft and raise funds for the new server.

We will be sure to keep you all updated on this as we strongly believe that EpicCraft wouldn’t be where it is without the community and so the community deserves to know what is going on.

As always, we will never require donations or payments to access our services, but if you want to help out in funding the new hardware and migration costs, it will be highly appreciated. Our costs and methods for donations can be found on our website here:

We hope to bring good news soon!

The EpicCraft Admin Team

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Is anyone interested in the domain (kurzwelle = german for shortwave)? It expires soon and I should finally stop hoarding domains.

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:: Open source TeamViewer alternative is here!

RUSTDESK :afire:

This remote desktop software works out of the box, no configuration required.

Full control of your data, no concerns about security. Use the public rendezvous/relay server, or self-host (or WRITE your own server).

How about that? Good times! :linux:


#RustDesk #TeamViewer #Linux #OpenSource #remote #desktop #Ubuntu #selfhosting

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Does anyone know any good #CSS #frameworks (or just standalone #stylesheets) that have a really good physical feeling rather than a flat/stylish one? A while back, I saw this awesome chunky button #styling and I'd love to know what else is out there. #webdev

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📢 #WeAreHiring

👩‍💻 You handle #IT systems and networks, as easily as you manage IT professionals?

👀 Check out this FGIV mid-senior engineer position @CERTEU and join #teamDIGIT.

📩 Apply by 26 August at noon 👉!YfCJ8G

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Okay, step 1, tags: #nheko #matrix

Step 2:

NEW NHEKO OUT THE DOOR, GRAB IT WHILE IT IS HOT! No, wait, don't, you would burn yourself! But try it out once the release has cooled off a bit and tell me if you like it!

It includes moderation improvements, better notifications, faster startup, encryption improvements and way to integrate with KRunner, rofi and much more! Also lots of bugfixes and other features!


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[Sondage sérieux]

Salut les mastonautes,

C’est l’été, le moment de réfléchir un peu. À Mediapart, on aimerait en profiter pour repenser notre fil de pouets… et on a besoin de vous !

On n’a pas oublié ce sondage d’octobre dernier, où on questionnait la densité de notre flux ( ). Et on s’interroge…

Si vous avez une petite minute devant vous, déroulez, on vous explique (et on vous sonde) 👇‍


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I did a game for the #GMTKJam. It's very incomplete and janky, but still better than what I did last year so...

Go try it out if you want!

#gamedev #gmtkjam2022 #Godot

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A friend of mine just released Emovi, a Wordle-like game where you have to guess a movie with emojis — yes, I couldn't dislike this game 😍

Can you guess today's prompt? I did, and on the first try 😎

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Anyway no big deal but here's a demonstration of Mozilla's serverless. client-side-only live text translation technology.

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We welcome developers of all skill levels, whether you're new and want to make your first game or a veteran who's been grinding at a long-term project, to join O2A2! Make a 1k-long VN using 1 sprite, 1 BG, 1 song, etc. Low pressure, anti-crunch, non-competitive, what's not to love?
This year's illustration was drawn by Agui-Chart with logo work by MysteryCorgi, and both pieces are licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0. Check the page for their link and more details about this Jam!

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